Strategic plan 2014-2016

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Strategic plan 2014-2016

To enrich lives and build community by providing a welcoming place to read, know, learn and grow.

develop and implement classes in electronic literacy

The Library will develop classes in electronic literacy to be taught on site for patrons with different skill levels.

objective 1.1 In 2014 the number of eBook and audiobook items downloaded from the Library website will increase by 10% from a current base of 1,867 (2013) and increase by 5% annually through 2016. The Library staff will teach patrons how to download through regular classes and personal tutoring.

objective 1.2 In 2015 the Library will apply for an LSTA (Library Services and Technology Association) grant to buy four laptop computers that will be used in teaching electronic literacy.

objective 1.3 In 2015 the number of patrons attending electronic classes will increase to at least ten from a current base of two. In 2016 the increase will be 50%. The Library will partner with Southern Adventist University and the City of Collegedale to plan and teach these classes in the areas of beginners’ access to email, Facebook, and the Internet; how to research and quote quality primary sources for school papers; and Internet safety.

objective 1.4 In 2015 the Library will formalize an Each-One-Teach-One program for patrons who prefer learning electronic skills from a private teacher and for patrons who want advanced instruction. The increase over the current base of eight will be 25% in 2015 and 2016.

The Library will partner with Southern Adventist University and other volunteers to develop a program of matching teachers and students. Individual contracts will be created specifying topics to be covered and the number of classes.

objective 1.5 In 2014 the Library will promote Tennessee Electronic Library usage through flyers, bookmarks, brochures, staff direction, etc. In 2015 Library staff will take advantage of opportunities for training in the use of Tennessee Electronic Library. In 2016 the Library will offer a class for patrons on the use of Tennessee Electronic Library.

increase children’s programming and space

The Library will provide an environment that fosters learning and encourages reading for children of all ages.

objective 2.1 The Library will increase the number of children’s programs offered at each age level by:
• In 2014 adding an additional preschool story time to reduce crowding;
• In 2014 adding Summer Reading programming for Tweens;
• In 2015 surveying parents about changing the day of the afterschool Collegedale Kids Club to Thursdays; • In 2015 adding a daytime Kids Club program for homeschoolers;

• In 2015 adding two Family Reading Programs, perhaps on an evening or Saturday; and • In 2016 adding programming for children ages 0-18 months.

objective 2.2 In 2014 the Library will increase circulation of children’s materials by 20% from 58,146 (in 2013) to 69,774. The staff will continue to promote a circulation increase of 20% in 2015 and 2016 by:

• In 2014 weeding the children’s collection to make browsing easier;
• In 2014 creating more book displays;
• In 2014 providing bibliographies of popular topics, such as trains, ABC books, etc.;
• In 2015 improving signage with text and pictures to help children locate subjects;
• In 2015 improving shelving and display of board books;
• In 2015 creating new reading spaces for children and parents; and
• Continuing to coordinate with area schools to provide required summer reading list titles.

objective 2.3 The Library will provide staff development opportunities for children’s librarians by:
• Hiring an additional staff member to make more time available to children’s librarians for planning, preparation, programming and staff development; and
• In 2014, 2015 and 2016 sending staff to LSSI Youth Services Workshops, Tennessee Library Association Conferences, Summer Reading Program Workshops, and other available training.

conduct community outreach

The Library will experiment with six outreach activities in the community, fostering relationships and building social capital.

objective 3.1 In 2014 the Library will subscribe to an email service in order to better inform patrons and community members of Library services and programming.

objective 3.2 In 2014 the Library will increase its social media connections on Facebook and Twitter by 15% from a base of 160 Likes and 40 Followers, respectively. Growth will continue at 25% in both social networks during 2015 and 2016.

objective 3.3 Beginning in 2014 the Library will participate in the Samaritan Center’s Stock Their Lockers program by collecting school supplies in a “Paper for Fines” community service campaign. Collections will increase by 20% each year through 2016.

objective 3.4 In 2014 and 2015 the Library will participate in the Geek the Library campaign to raise community awareness of the Library and identify more community service opportunities.

objective 3.5 In 2015, pending approval by the Collegedale City Commission, one Little Library House will be installed along the Greenway, built by the City Public Works staff, maintained by volunteers and stocked with donated books.

objective 3.6 Starting in 2015 the Library will provide four free Library cards to non-Collegedale residents (living in Ooltewah, Apison, McDonald, or Harrison). Eligibility will be based on financial hardship. This initiative will be funded by Friends of Collegedale Public Library and vetted by the Samaritan Center. The number will increase to eight in 2016.

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